Italian Discovery is a dynamic Tour Operator who provides a wide variety of services for Individual travelers and Groups Italian Discovery provides superior value and authentic cultural experiences for private luxury vacations or luxury on a budget.
Their services cover all needs including Hotels, Private Coaches and Cars, Museum entrance fees (including reservations to avoid long queues), Private Guides, Restaurants and Entertainment Venues. Italian Discovery’s focus is Exclusiveness understated Luxury and above all meticulous attention to detail.
The team of passionate and caring staff meticulously manages every aspect of each adventure to ensure the highest quality and to provide your client with comfortable, stress-free travel. “Travel is the only experience you buy that makes you richer”.

  • Luca

    Luca Arioli

    Tuscany, Sicily, Sardinia, Apulia

    Born in Florence at the age of 14 I left my hometown for a three years college in the North of Italy. Since the moment I left home back then I found my love for travelling and discovering my country. At the age of 23 I moved to the US for a job at Disneyworld Orlando (I was not Mickey nor Goofy by the way), after that experience I went for a year in London. Never stopped travelling since then.
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  • Novella

    Novella Lazzeri

    Tuscany, Trentino, Sardinia

    Always in love with life and travels I wanted to make of my passion a profession. I was born in Florence on April 28 a "little'' while ago and since I was child I showed my parents my inclination to discovery and the need to “move”; but my “love affair” with Travel began at age 16th with my first holiday studio in England. Since then I have never stopped turning the globe far and wide, with a special attention to my country of origin: Italy.
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  • Elisabetta

    Elisabetta Rossi

    Tuscany, Sicily

    I was born in Florence on April 1980, and as soon as I completed my study I decided that I had to work in the tourism branch, as I have always loved to travel around the world, read travel magazines and watch travel program on tv, to keep my mind always running. During the weekend, I like to travel through the Tuscan countryside with my family to visit and discovery small villages and medieval hamlets.
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  • Luciano

    Luciano Loi

    Rome, Elba Island, Tuscany

    Born and bred in Rome for 27 years, I left for an amazing life journey that landed me back to Italy in one of the most amazing cities of the world. I love Florence, even if sometimes I miss Rome and its lazy but chaotic way of life, and every time I pass its Palaces or walk its street it is always an awesome sight. I am very keen on nature, science and motorsport.
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  • Veronica

    Veronica Nencioni

    Naples, Sardinia, Apulia

    I was born in Florence and this is already a good reason to love beautiful things. Thanks to my parents, I began to travel very young, visiting Europe and learning about new places and cultures since I was a toddler; but a mouthwatering T-bone steak (Fiorentina) and a glass of full bodied wine in Tuscany, my Tuscany, is the best way I like to spend my time.
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